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Kamen Rider Streak (Kousen)
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Current Status (2011-04-08)
  • Decade/Streak crossover - WIP
  • STK Mk.01~02 - Pending
  • STK Mk.03 - On hold
  • STK MK.04+ - In planning
  • STK misc - Ongoing
  • Other projects - Ongoing
7th-Dec-2015 11:19 pm - Still (somewhat) alive....
Things have just moved on to other key projects....
6th-Jan-2014 10:24 pm - Not (completely) dead yet....

Well, not really an update. Just something recent to show there's still some activity going on in the background....
So yeah, this place could do with being brought back to life. >_>
I convinced Freelance_Sai for permission to release part of the info he shared with me. Here's a copypasta from his blog:
"One of the things I like about Decade, is that it gives you the "feel" of another Rider series without really spoiling any plot-important elements in the actual show; or at least only vague hints that mainly those who watched that particular series would pick up. I think it's quite a good way to introduce these different settings and even provide some background, while still leaving in the surprises for a first-time viewer to enjoy if they start watching these other series.

This idea made me start thinking about how the STK series could be condensed and re-interpreted into this format. Well, what started off as a stray thought developed into a side-project that I might do one day, but considering the slow start STK's having, it will might be quite some time before I start working on this properly.

Anyway, it wasn't as hard as I first thought, since I've already planned out the major points of the overall story for STK, I just needed to pick out the relevant portions to play around with. In some way, it is a sort of "test" to see how well a grasp I have on my own work and how malleable the concepts are if placed in a different situation."



Poll #1357866 Dialogue presentation

Which style would you prefer?

Traditional speech bubbles
Floating dialogue
Subtitiled panels
Captioned panels
Other (Please leave a reply)
(I'm working on some example images for this poll at the moment, I'll try to add them soon.)
25th-Jan-2009 08:50 pm - Timeline
Guardian Rider Edge
A pseudo-series, pre-dating the "Kamen Rider Streak" story.
  • Ritsuki Dasaniga quits the Special Assault Team (SAT), a civilian counter-terrorist unit.
  • The "Guardian Project" is set up, with the backing of an influencial member of the Tokyo Metropolitan Public Safety Commission.
  • Dasaniga fights using the GDR-01M (Modular) Guardian Rider System, and later GDR-01T (Test).
  • A mysterious individual going by the name of "Fusion" appears.
  • The voluntary-based Guardian Program is established.
  • Development on the GDR-01C (Custom) completed.

Kamen Rider Streak
3 years after the events of  "Guardian Rider Edge"

(This timeline is missing a few entries, which I will update in due time.)
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